School of Higher Education

In addition to theoretical and practical teachings, during the second year the Course includes a School of Higher Education for Professionals of Performing Arts, Media and Cultural Events. This formative moment consists of a series of workshops held by professionals, companies and interest groups operating in these fields, brought together in order to combine writing, planning and curatorship in the sector of visual and performing arts with elements of economics, management and communication, with a special eye to sustainability and self-entrepreneurship.

The School was born as part of University of Pavia’s International Summer School “The Safekeeping of Memory”. In its past editions (2017, 2018, 2019, 2020) it has reflected on the forms and ways of contemporary cultural activities that increasingly privilege a participatory dimension of artistic experiences, working not only on merely rendering works but also on giving importance to the multiple processes that these works put in place. The School, specifically dedicated to the contemporary artistic experience, has focused on the value of artistic events and aesthetic ties.